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Condo Associations Won't Be Able To Get Away With Everything They've Been Getting Away With For Years

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Condo associations can't be assholes anymore. Or so one can hope. The Shadowood Condominium Association recently lost a round of court battles that were essentially over what kinds of fees it can impose and how they can retaliate when a condo owner doesn't pay. Having their cars towed because they didn't pay a utility bill is not okay anymore, Shadowood (and it wasn't okay that you had the nerve to do it on Thanksgiving, no less). Some other lady was fined $200 just because she didn't switch the service for an automatic deduction. The list goes on. Now a condo association has to go by the master deed, which one lawyer called a 'game changer' for thousands of condo buildings in Virginia. [WaPo]

· Reston's Shadowood condominiums make new Va. case law, can't impose fees on rule violators [WaPo]