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See The Renderings For DC's Newest Most Expensive House

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The saga of this house on Georgetown's 31st Street goes back years. Former Washington Post exec and ambitious developer Marc Teren tried to make it his own but ran afoul of neighborhood preservationists and it sat unfinished and unliveable for what seemed like years. After languishing (and some would say deteriorating) it sold for $6,200,000 back in May of this year and Capital City Real Estate has been hard at work making it place someone would like to live. They've even made the switch to calling it the Williams-Addison House which reaches back further into the house's two-hundred year history (more recently it was referred to as the Friendly Estate since that family owned it before Teren purchased it from them).

Once it officially goes on the market it will earn the title of most expensive DC listing since it's asking price is $18.5 (that would have beaten the previous winner anyway, at $18M, but that house has been withdrawn from the listings so this is the clear market topper). This six bedroom house is sure to impress since it measures 10,000 square feet of living space, has a master bedroom that takes up an entire wing of the house, comes with an outdoor pool, an octagonal foyer, and a carriage house. The home is expected to be finished in the spring of 2013 but they are already starting to give tours to potential buyers. They even held an exclusive brokers' open recently to let agents see how the transformation is turning out. But until it is finished we'll just have to look at the renderings and floorplans to get an idea of the interior.

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Friendly Estate

1645 31st Street NW, Washington D.C.,