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The W Don't Stand For 'White House'

Welcome to Bar Crawl Living where we find some worthy domiciles within stumbling distance of a neighborhood hotspot. If there's a place you want us to scope out, leave a comment or send word to our tipline.

Overlooking the mighty residence of the mightiest man in the land, the W Hotel keeps it posh as its patrons hobnob with political powerhouses and (mostly) wannabees at its POV Roof Terrace. With a great roof deck living up to the name POV, it's the perfect spot for socializing in warmer climes. But POV still keeps it hot with swanky cocktails and an even swankier interior. And after downing perfectly prepared Manhattans, there are digs in the quasi-nabe of McPherson where tipsy townies can lay their weary heads. And unlike drinks at POV, these properties are fairly affordable. Pretty good deals since few people can really get much closer to the center of global power at 1600 Penn Ave NW.

1. 1300 Massachusetts Ave NW
Asking Price: $284,900
Square Feet: 650
What It's All About: A 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom coop in a building from the late 1800s has been sitting on the market for more than 3 months. Why? Well, the price has been dropped several times from the original $320,000 to make it move, but no luck. The bedroom is really a "junior bedroom" and HOA is $460 per month. But the location is hard to beat.

2. 801 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Asking Price: $339,900
Square Feet: 551
What It's All About: "Location, location, location" indeed. This building has been profiled before on Curbed as a condo building for a politically powerful. With pundits and Congressmembers as neighbors, the buyer of this 1 bedroom condo will always be in-the-know. Maybe some new fresh meat will move into the building come next January?

3. 1314 Massachusetts Ave NW
Asking Price: $384,500
Square Feet: 735
What It's All About: Called The Grant for reasons unknown (guessing Ulysses S may have something to do with it), the pet-friendly condo building is close to downtown and other amenities. But the coolest thing about Grant is the very hip lobby. As for the 1 bedroom condo, there's 3 closets to store important mementos and useless junk. And while laying in bed, there's 2 exposures for a bit of voyeurism and/or exhibitionism.

4. 915 E St NW
Asking Price: $385,000
Square Feet: 705
What It's All About: Here's a penthouse that's not really "penthouse" sized. Rarely on the market, this 1 bedroom condo at The Artisan hit the market about 2 weeks ago. The selling features for the listing are everything that's available outside the building. As for the condo itself, nothing really to write home about except a bit of a view.

5. 1133 14th St NW
Asking Price: $425,000
Square Feet: 800
What It's All About: And the final 1 bedroom condo in this list advertises itself as "the real city experience". Located just south of Thomas Circle (no one should call it ThoCi), there's a balcony overlooking a green roof to check off your green credentials, a walk-in closet for locally-made clothes, and an open floor plan to host happening parties.

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Lead photo from W Hotel Washington.

McPherson Square

McPherson Square, Washington, DC