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Inspired By The Rodin Museum, This House Time Traveled Through Vegas To Land In Maryland

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This colorful display of goldleaf accents and yet even more goldleaf accents is—we think—the Decorators Show House for the Kennedy Center's National Symphony Orchestra (it isn't clear if it is this year's Show House or was at one point). The house itself was based on the Rodin Museum in Paris, but apparently the interior didn't get that memo. Instead of soothing clean lines in a white/grey color scheme à la Rodin they decided to import every color of the rainbow as though it were lit by a 1,000 watt bulb. If Vegas is the theme it's okay if everything is bright because that's where people keep their sunglasses on even if they are inside. This particular house is a seven bedroom, ten bath on the market for $4,875,000, but a registration form is required for a tour.

· Listing: 9121 River Road [LongandFoster]