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The Value Of The White House Over Time

In a completely imaginary scenario where the White House enters the real estate market the first question is how much is the thing going to cost? Luckily Movoto has borrowed some pollsters to figure out what 1600 Pennsylvania would cost on the open market. And, as any savvy buyer knows, finding out the prior sales prices of a property is a crucial piece of information if there's any hope of a price negotiation. So Movoto did the calculations on that too and found out how much the price would have changed over time. But how?

Movoto figured out the price of the White House today by connecting the dots between how big the house is and the current values of luxury properties in DC. But to determine the sales prices over the past hundred plus years they looked to Case Shiller indices going back to 1890. But Case and Shiller aren't that old, you say. Yes, that is true. So to go back even further in time Movoto used the inflation rate to estimate the amount the price would have gone down each year. With a margin of error roughly equal to a few hundred muskets and, perhaps, a ship load of tea they graphed the numbers as you see above. Boy, the 1860s were a banner decade for real estate.

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The White House

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