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Primo Location, Primo Price, Not So Primo Exterior

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In a few hours, the world will know who will reside in 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW. But 9 blocks (give or take) to the west, who's going to occupy (that's a loaded term) a 2 bedroom, 1.5 Westbridge condo? Going for $575,000 for 950 sq.ft. of quasi-Georgetown but mostly West End living space, the listing is in a "sought-after building" which makes us wonder how long it'll sit on the market waiting for buyer to move onto one of the most famous streets in the world. Blocks from the bigwig think tanks, the business center, and the region's shopping mecca (Tysons not included), there's plenty going for this unit. And fortunately for the future buyer, the interior is way more awesome than the exterior. Way awesome-er.

· Listing: 2555 Pennsylvania Ave NW [Redfin]