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Ride Discounted Uber To The Polls; Iconic Home Winners

CONTESTS—The Iconic Home contest by Redfin ended over the weekend and winners for all participating cities were announced. Surprisingly, the local White House Replica lost out to a home on Georgetown's N Street that is on the market for $4.625M. Also of interest, the winning house for Los Angeles is a listing by one of the agents on Bravo's Million Dollar Listing show, Josh Flagg. [Redfin]

UBER—If you are a first time Uber user you can get a free/discounted ride to the polls tomorrow. If you can keep you're ride under $20.12 then the whole thing is gratis, but anything above that amount will be charged to your credit card. [UberBlog]

SHAW—Two developments proposed for Shaw's Blagden Alley gained approval from the Historic Preservation Review Board recently, which is the very beginning step. Decisions about what happens inside have yet to be finalized, so stay tuned to hear about number of units and whether or not they'll be condos or apartments. [DCMud]