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Cocktail Week 2012, Hangover Power Hour and More

This week's top dish from Eater DC, Curbed's restaurant, bar, and nightlife blog...

COCKTAIL WEEK 2012— It's Cocktail Week over at Eater DC, which means there's tons of coverage devoted to all things alcoholic (not to mention specials around town). That means you can learn how to make bitters at home, use local spirits in mixed drinks, and why bartenders are so obsessed with ice. There's a guide to interesting things on tap around town, and a roundup of the city's iconic dive bars. Plus, boozy lunch deals and DC bartenders talk about where they hang out after work, too.

HANGOVER POWER HOUR— With cocktails come hangovers, and part of Cocktail Week was an entire hour devoted to hangover-related content. That includes a map of hangover-friendly dishes around town, a look at non-traditional brunch cocktails and advice from local food writers on how they tame the nastiest of occupational hazards.

PENN QUARTER— The restaurant that Ashok Bajaj is planning in the former Zola space will be a brasserie.

NE— The possible return of Bardo (ne Dr. Dremo's) becomes more real: the new Bardo Brewpub gets a liquor license, seeks funds.

PENN QUARTERAzur is the new restaurant coming from Frederik de Pue in the former Cafe Atlantico building.

METRO CENTERZOMG fried chicken and doughnuts. Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken reveals its location.

SHIT PEOPLE STEAL— Oh noes; thieves have stolen a lucky cat from Yo! Sushi in Union Station.

PLYWOOD REPORT— A new Taylor Gourmet, more taco places and more in this week's Plywood Report.