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Big Bear Cafe And Bloomingdale (And Truxton Circle And Many Other Nabes) Digs

Welcome to Bar Crawl Living where we find some worthy domiciles within stumbling distance of a neighborhood hotspot. If there's a place you want us to scope out, leave a comment or send word to our tipline.

It's all about breaking down barriers. On one side is Bloomingdale. On another side is Truxton Circle. And just a few blocks away is Shaw, LeDroit Park, or NoMa depending on what direction you walk. But the nabe's nexus is the much-loved Big Bear Cafe. The vibe is chill, the people are chill, and the beverages are chilled if they are supposed to be. So whether hitting up BBC for caffeine or something stronger, take a stroll east, west, north, or south to rest your laurels in one of these hot homes.

1. 207 R St NW
Asking Price: $325,000
Square Feet: 833
What It's All About: This 2 bedroom, 1 bath condo may have potential, but it's really hard to figure that out with the terrible listing pics. But going off the description, it's located in a "most sort area" with in-unit washer and dryer. Just an FYI: There's "no sign on the property".

2. 1827 1st St NW
Asking Price: $385,000
Square Feet: 747
What It's All About: Totes breath of fresh air here. This is a "classy condo" with 2 bedrooms and 1.5 baths. And so much natural light. With condo fees around $140/month and a gorgeous interior, this abode has a lot to offer and is close to "everything Bloomingdale has to offer".

3. 75 Florida Ave NW
Asking Price: $439,000
Square Feet: ???
What It's All About: Just like there's not a lot of pics, some of the property's deets are left to the imagination. Reduced in price by $10,000, this is a "turn-key mixed commercial" property on Florida Ave. But the ending of the listing is a bit odd since it says to "enjoy the tour and pleas". Who knows.

4. 77 P St NW
Asking Price: $539,500
Square Feet: 1,308
What It's All About: A new listing to the market, this townhouse has a new renovation with bamboo floors, a kitchen fit for a chef, and decent outdoor space in the backyard. Just a word of advice: Be careful with mirrors and other reflective surfaces when taking listing pics.

5. 133 Bates St NW
Asking Price: $679,900
Square Feet: 1,786
What It's All About: This restored row house is appropriately placed on a street with a quasi-prurient name because its kitchen is super sexy. Like wine-and-dine-and-do-other-things-to-it sexy. New(ish) to the market, the 3 bedroom abode has a wood-burning fireplace and space that's "perfect for entertaining".

Big Bear Cafe photo from cafe's website.

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Big Bear Cafe

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