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How About Another 88 Units For Washington Harbour?

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The flood-prone, ice rink-worthy part of lower Georgetown called Washington Harbour might get a six-story residential building. Maybe. This is all still in planning mode, but the letter outlining the ideas call for an 'approximately 70,500-square-foot structure' that could either be a residential building or a hotel (in which case the number of units would be 120). The exact location would be behind this building pictured with a front entrance that faces K Street (near the 30th Street intersection). The owners of the building, MRP Realty, have said they aren't planning to do anything at the moment and that this letter was simply to see if the ideas would fly with DC zoning regulations. According to the firm that evaluated it, however, all is kosher with this plan.

· MRP Realty evaluates 88-unit residential addition at Washington Harbour [WBJ]

Washington Harbour

3030 K Street, Washington, DC 20007