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Church of God Gets Parking Lot Wish Rejected

The three dilapidated rowhouses at 1232-1236 New Jersey Avenue, NW that are owned by the Third Street Church of God are going to have to stick around for a while longer. They filed to have them razed so they could build a parking lot for their church, and the Historic Preservation Review Board gave their okay to demolish the rear part of the buildings, but not the buildings entirely. Then the church appealed to the Mayor's Agent in the hopes that the decision would be overruled (on the grounds that it was too expensive for them to maintain the properties). Survey says? Denied.

The explanation for the denial states that the estimated $77,420 is not undue hardship, especially in light of the $1.8 million they are spending elsewhere to expand their facilities. Also, since they could sell the properties and generate cash the argument doesn't really fly.

· Mayor's Agent Rejects Church Request to Demolish Buildings [EastShawDC]