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Toki Underground And The Nearby Aboveground Atlas Digs

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Welcome to Bar Crawl Living where we find some worthy domiciles within stumbling distance of a neighborhood hotspot. If there's a place you want us to scope out, leave a comment or send word to our tipline.

Yes, it's not actually a bar, but Toki Underground is so cool and so delicious that we're making this talked about spot the focus on this week's Bar Crawl Living. For those who've hit up this restaurant or the few others like it in the DMV, you know they don't serve your college-style ramen. Toki is visually appealing and almost too cool for school, much like the increasingly popular H Street Corridor. And after downing a bowl or three of ramen, dumplings, and a few drinks, here are some digs to sleep off the food baby.

1. 935 8th St NE
Asking Price: $349,000
Square Feet: 685
What It's All About: Only two weeks and change on the market, this 2 bedroom, 1 bath Federal row house under went a recent renovation. With no interior pics, it's hard to say how solid the reno was, but for this price after a $20,000 drop, it's worth checking out in-person.

2. 1208 Wylie St NE
Asking Price: $399,000
Square Feet: 696
What It's All About: "Welcome to the H Street Corridor!" This 2 bedroom, 1 bath Federal row house sees itself as the neighborhood ambassador welcoming new residents to the nabe. On the market for under 2 weeks, it's got indoor and outdoor space and tenants too. But the seller assures the public that the house will be sold sans tenants. Whew.

3. 1411 H St NE
Asking Price: $595,000
Square Feet: 1,804
What It's All About: Have dreams of owning your own biz in Atlas? And living above the cafe/boutique/bar/diner/gallery? Here's a mixed-used building on H Street itself. And with the DC Streetcar (at some point) traveling up and down the street, this property will become even hotter. And because of the props deets, there's a DC grant available for up to $85,000 if you apply by Nov 26. Get on it.

4. 1206 Maryland Ave NE
Asking Price: $619,900
Square Feet: 1,344
What It's All About: Ruby red back splash and a built-in espresso machine to feed your caffeine addiction means absolute real estate heaven. Taking a bold approach to its kitchen with actual color, this 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath Federal (again) row house hit the market less than 2 weeks ago. And if the espresso machine doesn't do it for you, check out the amazing custom closet. Gor-geous!

5. 725 11th St NE
Asking Price: $625,000
Square Feet: 1,464
What It's All About: Finally a non-Federal row house. This Victorian has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and plenty of other pairs: "two kitchens, two living rooms, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, too cute". Agreed. Too adorable.

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