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What Is The Best Over-The-Top Amenity?

What's the best way to decide what the most amazing amenity is? Simple, shove the contenders into a metaphorical cage and have them duke it out until one emerges victorious. Welcome to Amenity Death Match.

This week we looked at several new or almost-ready apartment buildings in DC and two of them have such unusual amenities we need to know the one amenity that beats all. Is it the pet spa or the DIY bucket? Is it the Twitter wall in the lobby that lets everyone know what is trending in the neighborhood? We've listed the eight amenities that top our Renters Week list as the ones that everyone will be buzzing about when they go home for the holidays and ask you to vote for which one is the best.

Poll results

Pictures of the amenities over here:
· Twitter Wall and More Planned For AVA H Street [CDC]
· What It Looks Like Inside Archstone First and M [CDC]