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The CEO of BET Is Not The Most Famous Person That Has Lived In This $6,000,000 House

An unusual house for the Massachusetts Avenue Heights nabe, this California contemporary currently belongs to Debra Lee, CEO and Chairman of BET Networks. She has had it on the market for a while and it is currently under contract, but she let the video cameras inside for a Distinctive Digs tour that gave up a few secrets about the house's history. Two previous owners were former owners of the Redskins—George Preston Marshall was the house's original owner and then Jack Kent Cooke owned it later on (see the video for more on his neighborly dispute that resulted in said neighbors losing their season tickets to Redskins games).

The architect of the 1939 home is none other than the same guy who designed the Kennedy Center and the Museum of Modern Art in NYC (a guy named Edward Durrell Stone). The four bed, six bath has retractable glass doors along one side of the house that open it completely to the outside and make it easy to entertain large groups (such as a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton that Lee once held).

Part One (in which we learn why the car-dealing Ourisman family lost their Redskins season tickets):

Part Two (in which a 61 inch television rises out of the ground):

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