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Harry Wardman Makes Another Mark In DC With Northumberland Apartments

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The Northumberland Apartments is the mastermind of one of the city's foremost real estate developers, Harry Wardman. The man responsible for such developments as The Chastleton on 16th Street, Wardman Row on R Street between 14th and 15th Streets, and the luxurious Hay-Adams and St. Regis Hotels is also responsible for this apartment building on New Hampshire Ave NW between U and V Streets. Built in the Classical Revival style, the Northumberland Apartments sits on an oddly shaped lot since it's on a diagonal avenue designed by L'Enfant himself. And the building is no stranger to the Hollywood cameras since it's been captured on film by Francis Ford Coppola in Gardens of Stone and Harrison Ford's Clear and Present Danger. Unfortunately, these apartments have become condos and are now only for sale starting at $189,900.

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