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Toxic Roommates With More Than Just A Vicodin Problem

We're back with another Horror Story for our competition that begins today at 2pm. Polls will stay open for twenty-four hours.

After my job contract ended, I decided I would need to move out of my apartment to someplace more affordable. After getting together one weekend with L, one of my friends from high school, who I had known for 10 years, she proposed that we look for a place together, therefore lowering our bills. This seemed like a great idea because we had been friends for so long and seemed like it would be a good living situation for the both of us. While we were out that weekend, she also mentioned a new guy she met named N and said that they had started dating, but that lived 2 hours away to be closer to his son. She said he might come up to visit every so often and left it at that. A couple of weeks later, we go search for housing and both agree on a two bedroom townhouse. She says wants to move in a month earlier than I am able to and says she will sign the lease and I can pay her each month when the rent it due.

On the day that I moved in, N happened to be there and I asked how long he would be visiting. This is when she told me that he would be living there until he was able to find work. Wishing she would have brought this up to me prior to moving in, I decided I would talk to her about it at different time. As I am moving in my belongings, she tells me her dog is not fully housebroken and still has accidents. So I'm thinking maybe N can housetrain the dog since he has plenty of free time.

A few weeks after I move in, L wants to have a get together at the house for her birthday, which I'm thinking might be fun. After day drinking at the pool and returning to the house, she is black-out drunk and arguing with her boyfriend. She's yelling at him, crying, and taking off her clothes, sating "Why don't you like me?" Some of her girlfriends and I try to talk to some sense into her and cover up her exposed breasts, which she refuses. N storms out of the house to go stay with a friend, which makes her even more emotional. Finally, at 2 am she passes out and I think the drama is over?WRONG. At about 8 am, I hear a knock on the door and open it up to find the county police, paramedics, and an ambulance. I look in the parking lot and see that her car is gone. The police officer asks me if I am ok and I tell him I am fine, slightly hangover, but fine. I ask what is going on and he tells me that the station received a call about someone at this residence being suicidal. The officer tells me they must respond to all calls regarding suicidal ideation. I assure him I am not suicidal and perhaps it is my roommate he is looking for. He proceeds to tell me that L's boyfriend called the station after she threatened to "kill herself" this morning. He asks me questions about the events of the evening and about their relationship. I tell him they had a huge fight and that I did not observe any suicidal thoughts or behaviors prior to her going to bed. At this point, L pulls up in her car with an iced coffee and is questioned by a different officer. She denies calling her boyfriend this morning and threatening suicide. I am confused by all of this and that is when I have an investigative idea and collaborate with the officer. The officer and I ask to see her cell phone to view her phone log to determine which one of them is telling the truth. She agrees and as we view the call log, we see repeated phone calls to N at about 5:30 am. When questioned and caught in her lie, she admitted that she called him and told him that she "would take a bunch of Vicodin" and that "he would be sorry." She assured the officer that she only said it out of anger and that she did not mean it. The paramedics then ask me if she needs to taken to the hospital involuntarily for a psychological evaluation. Being a nurse, I tell them that I can stay at the house to monitor her and will call them if anything comes up.

After a couple months of us three living there, N and L begin to fight constantly. It becomes a pattern that when N gets mad, he throws things in the townhouse, knocks over tables, and tosses his clothes in his car, threatening to end their relationship. Each time this happens, I tell L that all this fighting is not worth it, but two days later, N is back in the house. On the verge of breakup, she tells me she is pregnant. At this point I have no reason not to believe her and tell her I will support whatever she decides. She goes out and buys pregnancy guide books for expectant mothers and I even give her my Maternity and Women's Health Care textbook from nursing school. A couple days later as I am cleaning the house, I see a pregnancy test in the trash can and notice the result is negative. The makes me suspicious, but I consider the possibility that it could have been a preliminary test or a false negative. I went out of town for a few days and when I returned, I saw L on the back porch drinking a glass of wine. Puzzled and concerned, I said "I don't think you're supposed to do that when you're pregnant." I sat down and she tells me that she had a miscarriage over the weekend. I ask her if she is ok and if there is anything I can do. Later that night, I can't help but wonder if she faked this pregnancy to "save her relationship" but decide to stay out of it.

When N was able to get a job as a part-time car salesman, I asked L if we could divide the rent and utilities three ways, thereby reducing our bills. She rejected this idea and seemed offended that I brought it up. She must have discussed this proposition with N because soon after, she suggested I move out because it would be better for her and N's relationship. At this point I had accepted a job about an hour away and was commuting several times a week and agreed with her suggestion. So I pack up all my belongings and ask my dad to help me load up the U-Haul. As we're leaving the residence, N approaches my dad and whispers to him "your daughter has a drug problem", which was completely untrue as he is the one with three drug possession charges. I never heard from L again.