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Changing The Locks When You're Out of Town

We're back with another Horror Story for our competition that begins today at 2pm. Polls will stay open for twenty-four hours.

A few years back I was a grad student renting a one bedroom apartment and was offered the opportunity to work in Germany for the summer. I jumped at the opportunity, but knew I couldn't sublet my place due to the terms of the lease. I wanted to continue to stay there the following year, so I ate the expense and continued to pay my rent during my three months I was in Germany where I was paying rent as well. I sent my landlord at home a check on time every month and they were all cashed. My three months in Germany were up and I flew home. I took a cab from the airport, it was late, I had jetlag and all I wanted was to get in my apartment and crash for at least 12 hours, maybe longer. I put the key in the lock to the front door and it wouldn't open. I sleepily and angrily called my landlord to figure out why I couldn't get into my apartment. It turned out he changed the locks at some point while I was away, why he didn't think it was important to tell me and ensure I had a new key, I'll never know. In the end I was very lucky that he was in town, able to unlock my apartment, and give me a new key at that hour of the night.