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The Nut House Still Has A Room Available

Shocking that these people have had to relist their ad on Craigslist. They brought digital innovation into the situation by having a pre-recorded message potentials could call and listen to. And now they have a Google Doc questionnaire which asks questions like what your top three favorite chores are, your recycling habits ("Do you pocket mulch?"), and how you feel about having housemates. These particular housemates already scored one roommate with their previous ad (they mention that the pre-recorded message that says there are two rooms available is incorrect. Sadly, there is only space for one.) So, if you've been to Burning Man, lived in Africa, and know what the heck a tricycle pilot is, won't you give these people a chance?

· $725 WHAT IS THE "NUT HOUSE"? (rent reduction available, see description) [Craigslist]