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Horror Story Voting Begins Now

And we're has begun to find the worst (best?) Horror Story from the following seven tales of trial and tribulation that have to do with renting in the DC area. The poll is open for exactly twenty-four hours. So at 2pm tomorrow, Friday the 16th, the winner from this group will go up against winners from all the other Curbed sites across the country in a National poll that will stay open over the weekend. The winner of that contest will win $2,500 which should go a long way to easing their pain and suffering. In case you need to brush up on details of each Horror Story, see the links below the poll. And, yes, if you try to vote more than once from the same IP address those votes will be discarded automatically. Tough luck, cheaters!

Poll results

· Toxic Roommates With More Than Just A Vicodin Problem
· The True Definition Of An English Basement
· Changing The Locks When You're Out of Town
· Exploding Toilet Water Problems And Then Some
· A Lawyer Landlord Skirts The Law
· One Horrific Thing After Another Ends With A Dead Body
· Holiday Cheer Was Worse Than The Rodents