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Where To Live If You Love Dupont Italian Kitchen

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Welcome to Bar Crawl Living where we find some worthy domiciles within stumbling distance of a neighborhood hotspot. If there's a place you want us to scope out, leave a comment or send word to our tipline.

In honor of Renters Week, Bar Crawl Living will take a departure from the usual drunk stumble home and look not at properties to buy but crash pads to rent. And after hanging at DIK Bar (aka Dupont Italian Kitchen, aka Windows) and having a few good rounds with a few good friends in a nabe everyone wants to live in, it's time to make the walk home to a warm apartment for a little rest and relaxation post-inebriation (so you don't have to be a DIK in Dupont). So what's in on the market? Follow the jump and dive right in.

1. 1815 17th St
Rent: $1,625
Square Feet: 440
What It's All About: Manged by Borger, this basic building is in a great location. And that's what you're paying for. And the "Arc Deco bathrooms". Don't worry though because all utilities included with the rent.

2. 2000 N St
Rent: $2,003
Square Feet: 460
What It's All About: Hate sunshine? Worried about UV rays beaming at you in the morning? Fortunately, the Flats at Dupont Circle have UV-tinted windows to protect your fair skin from the harms of UV rays. And the studio also has other perks, like carpeting, track light, and bookshelves for all the e-books.

3. Q St & 15th St
Rent: $2,800
Square Feet: 950
What It's All About: 'Handsome' is such an underused word. But this listing fits the bill perfectly. The garden-level 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment has a garden, a front patio, and a huge shower. Like, there's a place to sit in the shower. Available starting 2013, viewing this property requires an appointment.

4. P St & 18th St
Rent: $3,100
Square Feet: 850
What It's All About: Two bedrooms, two baths at the Preston. Managed by Keener, the rent doesn't include electricity but it does has a washer/dryer, granite finishes, and a balcony. And don't think about bringing pets into this unit.

5. 1750 P St
Rent: $3,950
Square Feet: 1,198
What It's All About: The Gables may be pricey, but that's because there's a lot of space available in the 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment. Besides the usual features, Gables also takes green initiatives seriously. Sustainability, environmental education, and outreach are important to the company. And if that's important to you, and you have the greenbacks to move to the Gables, make it happen.

Dupont Italian Kitchen via Borderstan.

· Dupont Italian Kitchen [Official Site]