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How Much You Can Get For...$2,000 Around The DMV

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For Hump Day, we're tackling rental options for those that can drop 2 G's on an abode. For $2,000 (give or take some dollars), perks and addresses are the names of the game. So for this iteration of the series, here's a NoMa studio in a building overflowing with absurd amenities, a classy one bedroom in a historic building in Cleveland Park, and a one bedroom in Courthouse with a cozy gas fireplace for these coming cold nights. And at this price point, the buildings are often known by their names and not their addresses.

2001 2201 Wilson Blvd
Nabe: Arlington
Price: $2,001
Deets: This Archstone development has concierge on call, a fitness center to keep it right and tight, and a "split-level swimming pool". And to dry off, the one bedroom apartment has spa-like bathrooms, a gas fireplace, and each unit has a washer and dryer. Score.

1160 First St NE
Nabe: NoMa
Price: $2,013
Deets: While the studio itself is awesome, what's more incredible are the amenities in this Archstone First and M development. Inside is a cinema for viewing parties, a kitchen space for "Food Network junkies", a pet salon (why not?), a fridge to keep groceries cool while you're out on the town and too busy to put them in your own fridge, jam rooms to jam out, and a shop to make sure your bike is in perfect working out. And that's certainly not all.

3726 Connecticut Ave NW
Nabe: Cleveland Park
Price: $2,042
Deets: The focus of today's Building History lesson also has one bedrooms starting at $2,042. Located between Cleveland Park and Van Ness, the building has an ornate lobby with a fountain welcoming residents and visitors alike. The building has front desk operations 24 hours a day and rent includes all utilities.