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The Envoy (aka Meridian Mansions) Is AdMo's Diplomat

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[The Envoy Apartments].

The Envoy may not be as storied as the Cleveland Park's Kennedy-Warren, but it's no less a dominating presence in the Adams Morgan nabe. However, the Kennedy-Warren and the Envoy share an intimate history since the Kennedy Brothers Company was responsible for constructing both rental buildings. Located on 16th Street across from Meridian Hill Park, the Envoy was once known as Meridian Mansions back in the olden days. And by "olden days", that means 1918. The Italianate building was designed by A.H. Sonnemann and went through a renovation in 1981. And like the Kennedy-Warren, the Envoy has housed diplomats, politicians, and everything in-between. To get in on the ground floor of this building, studios range from $1,300-1,500. And for additional space, a two bedroom begins at $2,200.

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