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How Much You Can Get For...$1,750 Around The DMV

To keep the momentum going during Renters Week, here are a few apartments on the market in the neighborhood of $1,750. Covering all the bases, there's a studio in Foggy Bottom, a sweet 2 bedroom pad in Arlington, and a 1 bedroom in Cleveland Park. So whether you're looking uptown, downtown, or out of town, there's something in this price point to please everyone.

1830 Columbia Pike Rd
Nabe: Arlington
Price: $1,700
Deets: This totes has suburban amenities while still being close to the city. With 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, and more than 1,000 sq.ft. of space, the apartment allows for plenty of space to make it your own. And even better: All utilities are included in the rent.

New Hampshire Ave & L St NW
Nabe: Foggy Bottom/West End
Price: $1,715
Deets: Outdoor space is worth its weight in gold. And this studio doesn't just have a balcony but an "oversized balcony" to show off to a date or three. With plenty of closet space and a free month of rent in this 3rd floor studio, there's plenty of love. Just make sure you don't have any pets.

2900 Tilden St NW
Nabe: Cleveland Park/Van Ness
Price: $1,725
Deets: For an apartment with just 1 bedroom, there are plenty of amenities in this unit. Keeping it sedate on a "quiet street", the apartment has "2-window bay, a 5' closet and a smaller hanging closet, and an indented space for chest of drawers". But it's coolest feature is the "dramatic exposed stone boulders from Cleveland Park quarry". Not big enough to climb as a rock wall, but still awesome nonetheless.