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Sabrina Soto Will Never Throw This Big A Dinner Party Again

Before Sabrina Soto became an HGTV Designer (and Target Style Expert for Home) she had several of her highly successful HGTV shows film here in the DC area so she has more than a few stories from days as a renter in Dupont Circle and Cleveland Park. Here she talks about one memorable holiday.

Every year when I lived in DC I had a huge holiday meal at my house and at one point I had thirty people in my house for dinner. As you know older DC houses are very compartmentalized so I didn't have a huge room. I had to use my screened in porch and I rented an outdoor space heater to keep us warm. I bought plastic at this weird supply store that sold huge rolls of it and I stapled it to the porch so that it would keep the cold air from coming in and then a party rental supply place bought a heater for the day. It was kind of cool because it felt like you were eating outdoors but were on the porch. I've never cooked for that many people and it was so stressful I will never do that again. Everybody had different dietary needs. I was like, I give up. But everybody had a blast. [OfficialSite]