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Inner Burbs Do What They Do Best: Keep It Consistent

After the breakdown on sales data by DC zip codes, it's time to tackle the inner burbs. The story is...well, there is no story. Arlington continues to be the destination for the rich and single (per a former Racked post) with median sales prices approaching $500,000. And on the other side of the coin: PG County is still the spot for deals with median sales prices at $180,000. For the story on condos, MoCo is averaging $225,000 per, but Fairfax is where condo volume counts with nearly 190 falling into the hands of buyers. And when tallied with detached homes and townhouses, Fairfax was just shy of breaking the 1,000 mark for number of sales in October. Maybe next month, Fairfax.

· Prior Heat Sales Maps [CDC]
All data provided by RBI.