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Welcome To Curbed's Renters Week For 2012

Hello Renters, former and current, it is time to spend five days looking at renting from all angles. New buildings that are coming, old buildings that are in the best neighborhoods, terrible landlord stories, outrageous amenities, what you can get for a certain price, and—a Renters Week tradition—the Craigslist Power Hour on Thursday. If you have any rental news that the world should know, please send it to our tipline ( and we'll keep your identity a secret. We're starting things off today with a story of a first rental from the leader singer of the local band Lightfoot, some news about a new building coming soon, our heat map at 1 pm, and a horror story or two. If you still want to enter our horror story contest get your submissions in TODAY so they can get up in time for our poll which opens on Thursday. Onward!