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" I Hope This Ad Did Not Come Off Douchey"

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As a few other places have reported there's this nutso posting on Craigslist for a man to join this pride of "bro" lions in Mt. Vernon Square. The new guy must be okay with sharing his room with many musical instruments because that is the designated jamatorium. Music practice fits in between watching football on the flatscreen TV and clearly defining what type of bros they are or aren't. See:
We're not the "bro" you see on MTV, or any "bro" you see wearing Ed Hardy/Affliction T-shirts. We're not bros with Nantucket red shorts, boat shoes, and croakies. We're not the Magic The Gathering/D&D Bros. We are just sensible guys that enjoy immature forays on weekends and intellectual box socials on weekdays. We enjoy the outdoors and traveling. We read a lot of books and discuss the best way to layer the contents of a BLT. We're not all fart jokes and dildo-hats though. We both have legit 9-5 jobs, graduate degrees, and high levels of general awareness. Anyone who fits the bill should be prepared to pay $800 per month plus a few utilities and they must absolutely be a man because, in what will be a crushing disappointment to the female race, the writer of the ad likes to 'bed' women, just not live with them. (So that must be what they mean by box socials...)

· $800 Seeking Renaissance Bro to Assimilate into Existing Bro Community [Craigslist]