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Halloween Street Closures; Redfin's New School Search Function

STREET CLOSURES—Most of the originally planned Halloween street parties are still happening, which means street closures aplenty are in store for this evening. The full list from DDOT is after the jump. [CurbedInbox]

REDFIN—The gang at the search engine Redfin have rolled out another feature sure to please the parents. Now someone can search for houses that are in the catchment area for a specific school, not just a school district. They can also get alerts every time a new house comes on the market within that school's boundaries. [Redfin]

Reminder: Parking Restrictions & Street Closures For Halloween in Georgetown
Participants Encouraged to Use Mass Transit

(Washington, D.C.) Due to the large crowds expected to celebrate Halloween in Georgetown tonight, the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) and the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) advise residents and visitors there will be parking restrictions in place and access to many side streets will be restricted.
Please note, although there are no plans at this time to close major roads including M Street and Wisconsin Avenue, participants are strongly encouraged to take public transportation to avoid delays.
Parking Restrictions
No-Parking restrictions will be in effect along the following routes from 4 pm today until 6:00 am Thursday, November 1:

K Street, NW from 30th Street to Wisconsin Avenue
Water Street, NW from 32rd Street west to the Capital Crescent Trail
1000–1300 Blocks of Wisconsin Avenue, NW
M Street, NW from 25th Street to the Key Bridge
1100 block of 26th Street, NW

· 1000 block of Thomas Jefferson Street (From the canal north to M Street)
Road Closures
The following streets will be closed to through traffic from 6:30 pm tonight to 4 am on Thursday, November 1:
§ 1000 block of Grace Street NW
§ 1000 block of Thomas Jefferson Street NW
§ 1000-1500 blocks of 29th Street NW
§ 1000 -1500 blocks of 30th Street NW
§ 1200-1300 blocks of Potomac Street NW
§ 1200-1500 blocks of 27th Street NW
§ 1200-1500 blocks of 28th Street NW
§ 1200-1600 blocks of 33rd Street NW
§ 1200-1700 blocks of 34th Street NW
§ 1500 32nd Street NW
§ 1600-1700 blocks of 35th Street NW
§ 2600-3100 blocks of Dumbarton Street NW
§ 2600-3100 blocks of P Street NW
§ 2600-3600 blocks of O Street NW
§ 2700-3600 blocks of N Street NW
§ 2700 block of Poplar Lane NW
§ 2700-2900 blocks of Olive Street NW
§ 3100 Block of Blues Alley
§ 3100 Block of Oak Alley NW
§ 3100 Block of South Street NW
§ 3200-3400 Q Street NW
§ 3200 Block of Cecil Place NW
§ 3200-3600 blocks of Prospect Street NW
§ 3300-3400 blocks of Dent Place NW
§ 3300 blocks of Cady's Alley NW
§ 900 Block 30th Street NW

Only residents and employees of businesses within these areas will be granted access. Additional streets may be closed and/or opened at the direction of the 2nd District Commander or his designee. Drivers must present proof of residency or work identification to access the closed streets.