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Fondly Reminiscing About House Prices In The Nineties

As we all sit back and wait for our power to go back on there's nothing better to do than look back in time and see what the world of real estate held years ago. For that we turn to the August 1996 issue of Washingtonian that had about half a dozen pages of pictures of homes of locally famous people. Most of them have faded into distant memory, but here are a few of the homes that seem inconceivably low-priced compared to today. Above is former Secretary of State Warren Christopher's rented town house that was valued at less than a million dollars (the current Secretary of State lives off of Embassy Row near the Vice President's mansion). After the jump see James Wolfensohn (former IMF head), a Kennedy, and William Perry, Secretary of Defense. To put things in context, elsewhere in this issue you can find a guide on where to have a VCR fixed and an article on kitchen remodeling that directs buyers to Hechinger.

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