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Former Bulgarian Embassy Impresses Its Brightwood Neighbors

Dreamt about living the diplomatic life but lacked the credentials, suave, acumen, or tact to enter the Foreign Service? This little piece of property may be the opportunity to live out fantasies of being an Eastern Bloc double agent. The former Bulgarian Embassy, which is located on the newly discovered "Washington's Storied Gold Coast", has hit the market with an ask of $1,425,000. Butting up against Rock Creek Park, the former embassy has "exquisite appointments" needed to play out spy vs. spy, including 7 bedrooms, a great room that really is great at 28 feet, a dining room that is described as banquet-sized, and nearly 5,000 sq.ft. of foreign service floor space. Let the diplomatic intrigue begin.

· Listing: 1629 Van Buren St NW [Redfin]