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Extreme Serenity In Hyper Capitol Hill

A listing description that reads like a bedtime story? That's not too common, especially for Capitol Hill where it is all about square footage and bang for the buck. Instead this three bed, one and a half bath spends its paragraph enumerating all the Zen-like calm that awaits you just inside the friendly red door. It's so Zen the sellers even embraced the weird angle in the bathroom by painting it a bold blue. Are you feeling 'bathed and bundled' in warmth yet? Don't take our word for it:

Home is where you plug in; where you come to re-energize and refuel both your body and your soul. This must be done so why not do it on warm wood floors, within calming curved walls, under mind-clearing ceiling heights, bathed and bundled in layers of light...all beneath the shadow of The Capitol Dome...Vestibule, front parlor, centered-stair room - artful architecture - extreme serenity. · Listing: 133 E St [Estately]