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The Five Best Lines From Last Night's DC House Hunters

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In case you missed last night's episode of House Hunters filmed in DC we have a quick recap of the highlights. For those who don't know the plot of the show: it follows two people as they look at three homes and pretend they can't decide about which one they want. In this case two attorneys, Tim and Ellen, like the central location and modern appliances of their DC apartment, but want more space for them and their dog. So, with a grandiose wishlist typical of most first time homebuyers in the District—1,500 square feet, 2-3 bedrooms, 1.5-2 baths, chef's kitchen, rooftop pool/deck, yard for the dog, and a budget of $650,000—they set out to look at a condo in Kalorama, a row house in Shaw, and a townhome in Alexandria.

1. "If you could put this condo into a row house it would be perfect."

2. "I think it is a little conflicted."—said one of them when they came into a Shaw house that looked old on the outside but modern on the inside.

3. "I almost feel a little cheated with that house."—said the other about the same house in Shaw. Apparently it promised something to her on the exterior, but didn't deliver on the inside.

4. "Welcome to the 1800s where we were all hobbits."—said the realtor when they commented on the low door frames in the Alexandria townhome.

5. "Well, I certainly wasn't expecting a bidet."—said one of them about the townhome in Alexandria.

The condo, a WY18 unit at $599K, was modern enough for their needs but too small and didn't have a yard. So that got nixed. Then the Shaw rowhouse was a no-go because it was $640K and would have needed upgrading in the kitchen. So, the Alexandria townhome was the winner. It did come with a separate apartment on the other side of the courtyard that could be turned into a rental unit. With an asking price of $625K they ended up paying $595K and dealing with the fact that it had slope-y floors and other 'character' that comes with a two-hundred year old house.