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Hotel Stays During The Hurricane; Weekend Theme Song

DC—Planit Meetings has 3 hotel room blocks reserved for police officers staying over in DC to work, but the rooms are open to anyone in need of refuge during the storm. Rates are: L'Enfant Plaza, 129 per night, Avenue Suites, and Georgetown Suites, both for less than 200 per night, and sleep up to 6. Contact (202-315-8837) or (919-387-0057) if you need a place to stay. Also, if you really want to, check out this video of Sandy as seen from space. [CurbedInbox; YouTube]

YOUTUBE—In honor of Hurricane Sandy we have the video of Behold The Hurricane by The Horrible Crowes after the jump. It is less about the impending convergence of three weather systems and more about a brokenhearted guy after a break up. But whatever. [YouTube]

Video from YouTube