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Gangam Style Throws Down In Leesburg

Halloween, meet Gangam Style. A homeowner in Leesburg went all out and set up a timed light show set to the percussive thump of the song that has taken over world domination duty from Call Me Maybe. It took more than 8,500 lights and some poetic license with grinning pumpkins as back-up singers to bring this marvel of electricity to the neighborhood, but now Halloween can compete with Christmas like a major player. There are two versions of the entire 25-minute show—with songs other than Gangan Style mixed in (phew)—that play on alternating nights. Anyone who wants to see the show in person has to put their detective hat on since the owner won't publish the address—for fear of an actual gang showing up and pissing off the neighbors. But, if you can figure out where it is then tune to the radio station that plays the music and make sure to abide by the requests on the dedicated Facebook page otherwise 'the show WILL be shutdown'.

· 2012 Halloween Light Show - Gangnam Style [YouTube via WaPo]
· Edwards Landings Lights [Facebook]