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The Baton Passes From One $7,777,777 Home To Another

Vegas is back in style, this time in McLean. A mansion owner has had this 14,000 square foot house on the market for almost a year and now they're going to roll the dice by lowering the price to the appealing $7,777,777. That's over a million off from last year's ask of $8,965,000. Relief should set in for those with numerical OCD since they've had to suffer without such a price being on the market since the seven bedroom DC condo that started this whole trend has either come down in price for the whole unit or, should the buyer desire, it can be turned into three separate condos each priced at $3,651,000, $4,455,000, and $6,750,000.

How can anyone beat those odds?

· Listing: 1015 Basil Road [WashingtonFineProperties]
· 3Listing: 303 Water Street #7a [Estately]
· Listing: 3303 Water Street #7n [Estately]
· Listing: 3303 Water Street #7a-n [Estately]
· Auspicious Price Tag For The District's Most Expensive Condo [CDC]

3303 Water Street, NW

3303 Water Street, NW, Washington D.C., DC