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Craigslist Marketing Asks The Fingers To Do The Walking

Have you been a bouncer and/or know martial arts? Have you gotten crazy at Burning Man or bummed around Africa? Do you know what a tricycle pilot is? If so, come to the "Nut House" on Butternut St in DC's Takoma Park. This Craigslist ad takes info dissemination to a new level by having an automated telephone messaging service so questions are answered.

Just call 1-641-715-3900 ext: 131867# to find out such helpful information as whether or not swamp rats are in the house (answer: nope), how dilapidated this "dilapidated mansion" is ("it's an old house with old house problems"), and how far the Takoma Metro is ("5 minute walk, 10 minute run." Because that makes sense.) For a chance at the "Nut House", you can't be crazy but you should be adventurous.

· $725 WHAT IS THE "NUT HOUSE"? [Craigslist]

Photo from Craigslist.