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A Return To Five Years Ago?

A reader sent in this letter they received from a local real estate agent asking ever so politely if they are interested in selling their tear down of a house. They're even offering to do it without charging a brokerage commission. The tipster tells us she used to get several of these a week during the crazy building boom before the crash (because, as she says, the house is in a good location and is 'pretty much the definition of a tear down'). But this is the first one she's received in several years, so surely that is a better sign that the market has bounced back from its nadir. In case you can't read the letter from the picture we've pasted the full text after the jump (minus the identifying characteristics). Anyone else out there been besieged by the developers and their ploys for cheap land? Send 'em in to our tipline.

Dear X,

We hope this letter finds you well. We are local real estate brokers who have engaged by a client to find a property with certain characteristics. Your property at XXX is one of several that we have identified as meeting our client's criteria.

Our client is prepared to buy your property and pay full fair market value, close quickly and purchase the property in its current physical condition. Moreover, if you do choose to sell your property to our client, you would not be responsible for paying us a brokerage commission.

If you are interested in selling your property, either now or in the future, please contact us at your convenience. In the event that you are not yet ready to sell, we thank you for your consideration and hope you will contact us if and when you do decide to sell your property.