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Power Brokers Love This 80s Era Bathroom In Capitol Hill

This 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath Capitol Hill semi-detached house makes no qualms about it. Perfectly tasteful and graceful, this abode is where the future buyer will "live, entertain, and shape issues of the day in this grand residence, once home to several political power-houses". The 2,520 sq.ft. house has two master suites, a double parlor, and a terrace for entertaining the bigwigs. But the Capitol Hill power broker will need to update one of the bathrooms, with its dark green floor and wall tiles evoking a high-end 80s club. Still, if looking for a storied Hill residence, take a serious look at this Capitol crib on the market for $1,150,000 after a $50,000 price chop.

· Listing: 125 3rd St NE [Redfin]