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Current And Former Renters, Tell Us Your Horror Stories!

We're getting close to our Renters Week tradition and that means we need to hear about horrible renting situations. Did you have a roommate who would self-flagellate while you were home or drink too much and passes out the couch? How about a landlord who took absenteeism to levels Houdini couldn't match? Or infested abodes that could double as a science experiment? We want to hear your stories and you could win $2,500 should you have the worst tale in the country. Last year we paid up to $2,500 in rent for on lucky winner, but this year you don't have to be a current renter to be eligible. Homeowners who have escaped the maddening hamster wheel of looking for a new place every few years can get in on the action too. Click through to find out how. UPDATE: We should have mentioned this when we first ran this post, but YES, your identity will be kept a secret. We won't publish anything that identifies you or the creepy roommate/landlord.

The Renters Horror Story submission line is now open and as they come in we'll get them ready for our soon-to-be announced Renters Week. At the appointed time we'll post the stories and open up a poll so readers can weigh in on which story is the most horrifying of them all. The winner from DC will go up against the winners from all the other Curbed cities on our National site and then the country can decide who suffered the most as a renter. The winner shall receive $2,500 from the Curbed coffers even if they are no longer a renter. Need some inspiration? Here are last years Renters Week Horror Stories:

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