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PG Has The Deals, Arlington Homes Are A Pretty Penny

After yesterday's map of DC house sales by zip code we're looking again at the numbers, this time in the suburbs. They continue to be all over the map -- literally and figuratively. PG County is still the home of affordable homes. And at the other end of the spectrum: buying a pad in Arlington will set you back, legit. The median price of a detached home in the county across the river? $700,000. And an Arlington townhouse ain't much cheaper coming in at a smidgen above $600,000. But a condo in the urban/suburban landscape will be around $360,000. As for the other burbs, prices are not as pricey as Arlington, but not a steal like good ol' PG. Check out all the suburb stats and DC proper after the jump.

· The 20007 Tops $3M For Detached Cribs [CDC]

All data from RBI