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Tom Clancy Tops List For Highest Baltimore Real Estate Tax

The median sales price for houses in the DMV is usually between $330K and $350K, just around what Tom Clancy pays in tax for his condos in Baltimore's Ritz-Carlton Residences (exact number is $346,298). He and his wife bought six separate penthouse condos in the building in 2009 and 2010 and have kept their tax designations separate. So, okay, that makes sense. Someone owns six different penthouses that have a combined assessed value of $14,620,000, of course he is going to have the highest tax bill. But, as the Sun reports, even if they had stopped counting at just one of the Clancy penthouses he would still have the highest residential tax bill. Click over for the full top ten list and a photogallery.

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Residences at the Ritz Carlton

3150 South Street, Washington, DC 20007