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A Closer Look At The Quake Damage At The National Cathedral

When the 2011 Virginia Earthquake shook most of the Washington Metropolitan area, the National Cathedral sustained significant damage even though most of the area buildings came out unscathed. The building re-opened to the public in mid-November and we got a chance to go by and see some of the damage in person, as well as check out their own exhibit detailing what happened. After the jump are some close up shots of the building under construction.

? A rooftop shot of the debris that fell during the quake. The neo-gothic styled cathedral is the 6th largest in the world, and the 4th tallest structure in DC.

? Another rooftop shot showing the fallen pinnacles that are under repair. The Cathedral is sited on a high point of North West DC, and has a commanding view of city.

Look closely to see the cracks in the stonework. ?

? During the repairs a large crane fell, damaging the roof and side of the Herb Cottage—where one of the Cathedral's gift shops are located. The cause of the crane collapse is still under investigation.

In addition to the large central tower platform, there are many smaller scaffoldings tending to other affected areas. In the interior nave (not pictured) there is a large overhead black netting which is intended to catch any loose debris. ?

A few pictures of the stone busts that fell, including a "fallen angel". ?

Luckily, the Darth Vader gargoyle is still intact. ?

A few shots of the display on the building's ground floor detailing the earthquake and the plans for reconstruction.

· National Cathedral [Official Site]

Text by Vaclav Malek. Photos by Vaclav Malek and Reynaldo Lopez with additional photos courtesy of the National Cathedral.

Washington National Cathedral

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