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Renovating A Georgetown Manse One Painting At A Time

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If the cold weather has you aching for sunnier climes, perhaps looking at warm and sultry art will help you out. Capitol File magazine has a look inside the Georgetown home of art collector Isabel de la Cruz Ernst, whose walls are adorned with artwork that invokes the vibe of an art fair she (and her collector parents) are heavily involved in called Art Basel Miami Beach. Besides the paintings, a tour around her home (called the Hillandale Mansion) could have you thinking warm thoughts during the commute home. When she and her husband bought the house in 1998 it had been abandoned for twenty years, unless you count the racoons living in the attic. Now it is a place designed to showcase art or, as was the case of the room pictured, host a birthday party for Placido Domingo (whom we sincerely hope goes by P-Do amongst friends).

· Inside Isabel de la Cruz Ernst's Artistic Mansion [CapitolFile]