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This House Is Not In The Suburbs

You can almost tell by looking at the very edge of this picture that there is a building close to the property line, indicating a more city-like density. But the size of this house would make you think it is some old-timey mansion out in Leesburg. Yet, it is right there in Georgetown on 31st St showing off as a five bed, five and a half bath that is over a hundred years old (it is one of those 'built in 1900' jobs, so it could be a few years either side of that given lax bookkeeping standards back then). The owners would have loved to be in the listing photos, but they just 'stepped out for a run' (so says the message on the kitchen chalkboard). Asking price is $4,950,000.

· Listing: 1699 31ST St NW [WFP]

Photos from HomeVisit