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Disappearing Mansions

A local realtor writes in the Post's real estate blog about the 5,000 sq. ft mansion at 1300 Euclid Street NW that has seen Columbia Heights transition from a fashionable address to "the most murderous census tract in the country" and back again. Built in 1900, the mansion is being subdivided into condos. Its former owner, Ed Bruske, responded to the piece saying he loved the house when he and his wife purchased it in 1987 despite "an open-air drug market" and the occasional shooting. In August 2011, he sold the six-bedroom manse for $950,000 because the place was a "proverbial money pit" and too hard to upkeep. Bruske supports turning the mansion into condos because it will "encourage a greater population density" in the ever-changing neighborhood. [WaPo; WaPo]