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The Challenges Of Building A Brewery In The District

DC is known for being a bureaucratic nightmare when it comes to getting a building permit, but imagine trying to get one to build a brewery. Yet Dave Coleman and Mike McGarvey have managed to jump through the paperwork hoops and later this year will open 3 Stars Brewing Company at 6400 Chillum Place NW. "Our realtor pushed us into looking at space in Maryland and Virginia,” said Coleman. “But this is our town. There was never a question that we would set up outside the District.” Coleman and McGarvey searched high and low to find a place that would accommodate mash tuns and fermentation tanks and now that they have found one they are hard at work getting the building ready for the public. Click the first link for the full story on how they got started as well to hear about how they find the perfect brew recipe.

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Three Stars Brewing Company

6400 Chillum Place, NW, Washington, DC (202) 670-0333