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Occupy DC Prioritizes Space; Ticket Amnesty Expires Soon

OCCUPY DC—Tomorrow is Occupy Congress when Occupiers from other cities will join the DC contingent for a daylong sit-in. There's a handy guide for out-of-towners that includes helpful info on prioritizing which camps to occupy first: "If you plan on occupying, there is currently more empty space at Freedom Plaza. Please go to Freedom Plaza and begin filling it up first. Once Freedom Plaza is full, additional people can start occupying McPherson Square." [Official Site; DCist]

DISTRICT—Don't forget: the amnesty period for all those traffic citations expires in two weeks. [DC Government]

BETHESDA—The head of the local company that manages almost all the residential real estate listings was recently named one of the 100 Most Influential Real Estate Leaders of 2011. David Charron is his name and his company (MRIS) is responsible for things like the Pending Sales Index and the lifestyle search on Homesdatabase. [InmanNews]