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Gentrification Watch

The H Street NE Retail Priority Grant Program has announced the recipients in their first round of funding, and there isn't a coffee bar in the bunch. The winners include two clothing stores, a pharmacy, and a yoga studio. After the jump are the names and addresses of each one. [Mayor'sOffice]

• The C.A.T. Walk Boutique, located at 1404 H Street NE: A women’s boutique selling new and consigned clothing
• H Street Care Pharmacy and Wellness Center, located at 812 H Street NE: An independently owned and operated neighborhood pharmacy
• Stan’s Inc., located at 822 H Street NE: A men’s clothing store that has operated on H Street NE since 1978
• The Studio Group/Bikram Yoga of Capitol Hill, located at 410 H Street NE: A yoga studio and retail space frequented by over 100 attendees daily.