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Jon Huntsman's Kalorama Pad Shows He's Budget-Conscious

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The Zillow blog took a look at where the GOP hopefuls live now and two of them have places around here. We already mentioned Gingrich's McLean house when National listed a few of the contenders homes, but Jon Huntsman also owns some DC real estate that he scored after a $1.1M markdown (boy, can that guy score a deal). Luckily, the listing photos are still up for us to look through. Take a spin through to see what $3.6M will get you. Interesting sidenote: Before he moved in (in 2010) it housed the cast of 'Top Chef Season 7'.

· GOP Candidates Look to Trade These Homes for White House [Zillow Blog]
· Listing: 2121 Leroy Pl NW [Zillow]
· The Personal HQs of the 2012's GOP Presidential Hopefuls [CN]

NOTE: Our apologies, we accidentally spelled his name "John" in the title when we first published this post.

Jon Huntsman's House

2121 Leroy Pl NW, Washington, DC