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The Pig Will Channel A Butcher Shop; Heat Map Updates

This week's top dish from Eater DC, Curbed's restaurant, bar, and nightlife blog...

LOGAN CIRCLE—Eater got some new details about the pork-centric restaurant named The Pig that's headed to 14th Street. Most importantly, it won't be making use of your pig kitsch. The design scheme is going down a slightly darker path, channeling a butcher shop.

EVERYWHERE—This week brought the September update of the Eater Heat Map, which highlights the buzzworthy restaurants that foodie crowds are flocking to at the moment. Click on over for the list of 11 top spots.

PENN QUARTER—Executive chef Rob Weland made a surprise announcement this week that he was leaving the kitchen at Poste — effective immediately. Among the new activities he'll be pursuing will be a book he's authoring about sustainability in cooking and gardening.

PENN QUARTERThe Source is one of DC's top restaurants for power dining, which also makes it one of the city's top restaurants for spotting political celebs. Meet Rikka Johnson, the restaurant's general manager and gatekeeper, who talks to Eater about how to get a table there and her strategies for working with her powerful clientele.